Wedding Preparation

Planning your wedding—your ceremony—is very important !

Many couples spend more time, more money, more effort, more thought, and more energy in planning the music, photography, videographer, reception, transportation, Or honeymoon than they do on the content and format of their Ceremony.

The result of lack of planning by many couples who want to have a ‘ nice ‘ wedding service and then go on a honeymoon that turns out to be very expensive—so from the very beginning of their union—they are already deeply in debt –a chief cause of arguments / stress in many marriage.

We are talking about a couple—male and female –who have a “Love Story” that could be a captivating one ! Couples like the one just described, who want their special day to turn out “ just right “, often meet at the location that is to be their choice for their service / ceremony, to plan their wedding Ceremony so that their wishes, desires, and expectations are met in a unique and professional way.