About Rev. Larry

Rev. Larry

Rev. Hodges enjoys working with couples who desire either a small private intimate service OR those who want a very large detailed event.

Very early in his ministry, Rev. Hodges performed a wedding service with 13 bridesmaids, 13 groomsmen, Matron of honor, Best man, 2 flower girls, 2 ring bearers, Bride and Groom, and Rev. Hodges for a total of 35 participants in wedding service. The Bride was distressed with her mother and the event planner; Rev. Hodges sat with the Bride-asking what she ( the Bride wanted ) and then began implementing the Bride’s wishes and as a result—Everything went smooth without a problem. It is after all—your “ Special day “ and prayerfully your “ Perfect Day “ !

Rev. Hodges has performed weddings from coast to coast, including specialty weddings, themed weddings, weddings that have been planned for months, and for those who elope– in various settings including Disney, Beaches, Lake, Garden, Church or Chapel, Golf course, backyard, and various wooded settings.

I should take a moment to note — ‘ most ‘ wedding ceremonies appear to go smoother with a rehearsal. The rehearsal helps those in the wedding party to feel more at ease / assured that they know what to expect / what to do at the appointed time in the Ceremony.

With that said, the rehearsal fee is noted in our fee structure. Marriage is More than –getting a license- More than “just showing up for a Ceremony”-More than “saying vows / promising your word –Before God and the assembled group” –Marriage is a Commitment to each other for a lifetime !!-with the Ceremony as an Expression of your love to one another !